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Colonialism   Tags: 10th grade, social studies  

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Unit 9: Imperialism/Colonialism

Part I due March 26 & Part II due March 30

Essential Question: What are the effects when one country imposes its culture on another?

Colonization has major implications and changes the cultural landscape of a country (even after that country gained its independence).  You are going to research a country in Africa to discover the various effects of colonization on the country’s economy, government, and culture.

Part 1: Research one of the following countries:

  • Angola
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Senegal
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe
  • Nigeria
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

You will use databases and websites on Mr. Vallee’s Colonialism Research Guide on the library website ( as well as to find information.

Introduction: Write a general overview of colonialism in the country you choose (including a definition of colonialism).  Explain the causes and effects of it on the country.  

Body Paragraphs: Briefly explain the country you’ve chosen before it was colonized, how and why it was colonized (and include the country responsible), and how it gained its independence.  Use specific dates and important events and people centered around each of these events.  Explain some specific causes and effects of colonization on the country.

Conclusion:  Summarize your findings.


Part 2:  Read and summarize articles that help explain the modern situation in the country.

Part 2A: Reading Articles


Determine and state the central idea of three articles about your country from the BBC section or any of the news sites given on Mr. Vallee’s Colonialism Research Guide on the library website (



·      Determine and state the central idea of the piece.

·      List the details that develop the central idea.  

·      Summarize the piece in one paragraph.  

·      Create a bibliography.


Add the three articles about Nigeria (do the same as above).

Part 2B: Drawing Conclusions


Given this introduction to your African country’s current events, what do you think are issues influencing their culture?  In a one-page response, include an explanation (including specific facts from the articles) of the causes (at least three) and effects (at least three) of this issue. These issues can be positive or/and negative.


    Books from the Library

    Cover Art
    Africa - Toyin Falola (Editor)
    Call Number: 960 AFR
    ISBN: 0890897689
    Publication Date: 2000-08-01
    Volume 1, African History Before 1885, introduces students to the various precolonial histories of Africa. Instead of generalizing about the continent, the chapters reconstruct the histories of many different societies in various historical periods.

    Cover Art
    Africa - Charlotte Grieg
    Call Number: 960 GRE
    ISBN: 1590844335
    Publication Date: 2002-11-01
    Examines the costumes of Africa at different eras throughout history, looking at what clothing and body adornment reveals about the culture and society of five specific regions, and includes color illustrations, a glossary, a time line, and resource lists.

    Cover Art
    Africa - Yvonne Ayo; Ray Moller (Photographer); Geoff Dann (Photographer)
    Call Number: 960 AYO
    ISBN: 0679873341
    Publication Date: 1995-08-15
    Describes the traditional lifestyles, beliefs, skills, and crafts of the African peoples.

    Cover Art
    Africa, 1500-1900 - Constance Jones
    Call Number: 960 JON
    ISBN: 0816027749
    Publication Date: 1993-02-01
    Examines the history of Africa from the sixteenth through the nineteenth century, discussing such topics as the different cultures that existed on the continent, the importance of Islam, European colonization, and the slave trade.

    Cover Art
    Africa - John Reader
    Call Number: 960.2 REA
    ISBN: 067973869X
    Publication Date: 1999-09-07
    A history of Africa, following the development of the continent from its earliest manifestations to the late twentieth century; identifying the physical processes which have determined the course of progress; and, where relevant, defining the ecological context in which those processes occurred.

    Cover Art
    Africa - Sanford J. Ungar
    Call Number: 960 UNG
    ISBN: 0671420100
    Publication Date: 1985-08-01
    Describes the people and politics of Africa focusing on four countries of special interest to the U.S.

    Cover Art
    The History of Northern Africa - Amy McKenna
    Call Number: 961 HIS
    ISBN: 9781615303182
    Publication Date: 2011-01-15
    Alternately identified with either the countries of the Mediterranean, those of the Middle East, or other African territories, the nations of northern Africa occupy a unique physical and historical place. After centuries of fielding various foreign invaders, northern Africans have absorbed and co-opted Greek, Roman, and Arab peoples and traditions, among others. Under the pervasive turmoil that has ensued after colonial rule and internecine warfare, readers will encounter a region of various traditions that stands at a unique crossroads between several very different worlds.

    Cover Art
    The History of Central and Eastern Africa - Amy McKenna (Editor)
    Call Number: 967 HIS
    ISBN: 9781615303229
    Publication Date: 2011-01-15
    The abundance of natural resources endemic to central and eastern Africa has been critical in shaping the trajectory of the civilizations that have made the region their home. Like the rest of the continent, however, the areas riches also made them vulnerable to slave traders and colonizers who left a devastating legacy in their wake. This engrossing selection documents the history of a region that witnessed some of the worlds most brutal and destructive conflicts as well as the birth of several groups who continue to fight for justice and peace in the region.

    Cover Art
    The History of Western Africa - Amy McKenna
    Call Number: 966 HIS
    ISBN: 9781615303168
    Publication Date: 2011-01-15
    From its ancient kingdoms to the independent post-colonial states that make up the region today, western Africa has transformed dramatically over the centuries. Economically lucrative for European slave traders and later for their colonial successors, the territories along Africas Atlantic coast were forced to overcome great adversity before achieving autonomy. This volume surveys the history of the many nations of western Africa where vestiges of its celebrated past are still visible in cities like Timbuktu and where its diverse peoples continue to navigate a path towards a more stable future.

    Cover Art
    Africa South of the Sahara - Joseph R. Oppong
    Call Number: 967 OPP
    ISBN: 9780791081464
    Publication Date: 2005-09-01
    Examines various facets of the cultures of sub-Saharan Africa.

    The History of Southern Africa - Amy McKenna
    Call Number: 968 MCK
    ISBN: 9781615303120
    Publication Date: 2011-01-15
    The history of southern Africa is marked by both the convergence and divergence of diverse cultures. Clashes between European settlers and indigenous peoples throughout this section of the continent were common. At stake were rights to a wealth of natural resources and, as time went by, independence. This volume surveys the often volatile histories of each country in the region and introduces readers to the diversity of peoples that are an important element of each country's past and future.

    Citation and Plagiarism Resources on the Internet



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    There are several databases that you can use to find more information about your country, including its history and what is happening today.

    • ABC-CLIO
      A collection of databases dealing with all aspects of social studies including US and world history, government, and geography. Also includes how others lived their daily lives throughout history.
    • CultureGrams
      Learn about different cultures from around the world including customs, languages, diet, and much more.
    • Discovering Collection
      Searches reference books for geography & cultures, science, history, literature, current biographies, authors, & the like. Also has a multimedia section with audio, video, & still images, as well as a searchable timeline feature.
    • EbscoHost (Student Resource Center)
      Contains ALL of EbscoHost's full text articles from popular magazines, research periodicals, national newspapers, thousands of biographies, millions of images, and over 100,000 primary source documents.

      Click on Student Resource Center for easiest navigation.
    • Encyclopedia Britannica (Academic Edition)
      Hey intellectual tough guy, is the school edition not enough for you? Then try tackling the academic edition which provides more college/university level information.
    • Global Issues in Context
      International viewpoints on a broad spectrum of global issues, topics, and current events. Featured are hundreds of continuously updated issue and country portals that bring together a variety of specially selected, highly relevant sources for analysis of social, political, military, economic, environmental, health, and cultural issues.
    • Grolier Online
      Grolier Online is an integrated reference portal. With over 55 million words, 50,000 websites, and several hundred thousand magazine articles, finding authoritative, age- appropriate and subject-specific information is easy. Users have access to award-winning databases, special features, multimedia presentations, an interactive atlas, dictionaries, and much more. Grolier Online provides resources tailored specifically for teachers and students, all contained within a structured and monitored environment.
    • World Geography and Culture
      This database facilitates the study of countries, U.S. states, places, peoples, and geography concepts and skills through a global approach.

    Websites for Africa

    The following web sites contain general information Africa. Click on the links, then select your country.


    Democratic Republic of the Congo


    • Overview of Ghana
      From World Geography and Culture, this is a concise overview of the country of Ghana.
    • News from Ghana
      This site compiles news from all over Africa. This link is specifically for Ghana.
    • The Daily Guide, Ghana's independent newspaper
      The Daily Guide is a private-owned daily newspaper published six times per week and is regarded as the most circulated independent paper in Ghana with a circulation of about 22,000 copies a day.
    • History of Ghana
      A history of Ghana from Princeton, including pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial periods.



    • Overview of Sénégal
      From World Geography and Culture, this is a concise overview of the country of Sénégal.
    • News from Sénégal
      This site compiles news from all over Africa. This link is specifically for Sénégal.
    • Xew News
      This is a French and English online news source for Sénégal.

    South Africa


    • Overview of Zimbabwe
      From World Geography and Culture, this is a concise overview of the country of Zimbabwe.
    • News from Zimbabwe
      This site compiles news from all over Africa. This link is specifically for Zimbabwe.
    • The Herald
      Zimbabwe's largest newspaper, with pro-government views.

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