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Alcohol, Tobacco, Illegal Drugs and Prescription Drugs   Tags: health  

Infomertial Competency Project
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Alcohol, Tobacco, Illegal Drugs and Prescription Drugs: Informercial Competency Project

All group members must have a speaking part in the infomercial. Group members can have more than one part but the audience must be able to tell which part is being played.

Infomercial should be 3-5 minutes long. Please get prior approval if you need more than 5 minutes.

Props can and should be used. Costumes are optional.

All infomercials must include the following:

  • Introduction (welcome, topic being discussed, introduction of experts)
  • Expert advice (information about the substance, what it is, how it is used, effects on the body, withdrawal symptoms, treatments).
  • Testimonials (examples of bad things that can happen from using the substance)
  • Closing (overview of information covered, thank you to experts and testimonials)

The written script (word processed) must be approved by the teacher

  • A script for the entire infomercial must be turned in at the time the infomercial is presented.
  • Hint: your script should read like a play with each character's name and what they will say in the correct order.

Each group member is responsible for a section and must turn in his/her notes on the information (in your own words, not cut and pasted from the internet), with citations attached.

  • What the substance is (including some history and interesting facts).
  • How it is used.
  • Short-term effects.
  • Long-term effects.
  • Withdrawal issues
  • Where to go for help.

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    Alcohol, Tobacco, Illegal Drugs & Prescription Drugs




    Cover Art
    Alcohol - Jeff Burlingame
    Call Number: 616.86 BUR
    ISBN: 9781608708222
    Publication Date: 2013-07-15
    Alcohol is the most popular drug of choice in the United States. Though it can cause serious damage to the human body, more than 3 million U.S. teens between the ages of fourteen and seventeen are problem drinkers. In Alcohol, explore how alcohol works, its damaging effects of the body, and how to get help.

    Cover Art
    Drugs - Maria Tenaglia-Webster
    Call Number: 362.29 DRU
    ISBN: 9780737741520
    Publication Date: 2008-12-05
    Collects twenty-eight articles that discuss various topics, including the negative consequences of the global war on drugs, the failure of drug prohibition strategies, environmental degradation due to drugs and eradication methods, alternative policies, and harm reduction strategies around the world.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Amphetamines and Stimulants - Nicolette Conti; Paula Johanson
    Call Number: 613.84 CON
    ISBN: 1448854830
    Publication Date: 2011-08-01
    Amphetamines and stimulants are among the most popular, and consequently, most dangerous drugs today. With low prices and instant availability, these drugs have taken a strong hold with teens and young adults. Guiding readers through the world of uppers and downers, this narrative is friendly and nonjudgmental while being explicit about the dangers and long-term consequences of using any of these drugs.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Barbiturates - Judy Monroe Peterson
    Call Number: 615.78 PET
    ISBN: 9781477718964
    Publication Date: 2013-12-15
    Abuse of barbiturates and other prescription drugs is a serious problem in the United States, and it is the fastest growing drug abuse trend among American teens. In this candid volume, young adults get the truth about abusing these drugs and how addiction can result in permanent mental and physical harm, or even deadly reactions. This matter-of-fact narrative describes the effects on abusers, family members, friends, and society. It also explains the dangerous rise in illegal online pharmacies, drug interactions and effects, overdose and withdrawal, how to identify a drug user, treatment options, support groups, recovery, and drug prevention.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Cocaine - Tamra Orr
    Call Number: 616.86 ORR
    ISBN: 9781477718971
    Publication Date: 2013-12-15
    Cocaine is one of those drugs that waxes and wanes in popularity among teens but never really goes away. New research indicates that cocaine is particularly harmful to young and still developing brains. This, coupled with the many other harmful physical and emotional repercussions of even casual cocaine use, make it all the more important to get the message across that this is one very dangerous and destructive drug. That is exactly what this text achieves, using vivid real-life vignettes, the latest scientific research, and law enforcement statistics and reports from the frontlines of policing. Any teen who reads this will be sobered by what he or she confronts here, and, hopefully, scared completely straight.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Ecstasy - Lanie Kimlan; Anne Alvergue
    Call Number: 362.29 KIM
    ISBN: 1448846439
    Publication Date: 2011-08-01
    This matter-of-fact resource looks at the ramifications of using and abusing ecstasy. It contains a no-nonsense description of ecstasys impact on the body and the true dangers associated with its use. Readers will learn how casual use can lead to psychological addiction, which can make taking the drug a priority over the important things in life. Relatable fictional scenarios with dialogue connect readers to situations they may already find themselves confronting. Includes color photographs, a list of myths and facts, sidebars, and a list of questions to ask a counselor.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Heroin - Philip Wolny
    Call Number: 616.86 WOL
    ISBN: 9781477718988
    Publication Date: 2013-12-15
    There is currently a heroin epidemic afflicting North America, and it is not confined only to urban areas or to older, seasoned drug addicts. The latest epidemic has swamped suburban and rural areas and drawn many teens into its deadly wake. The drug can take over the lives of even first-time or casual users. Addiction makes slaves of heroin users and often leads to a life of sickness, crime, and regret. Addicts risk sacrificing everything they cherish in their lives for the drug, receiving jail time for drug-related offenses, and losing their own lives in the process. Discovering how the drug destroys the brain and body of a user, and how addiction devastates the lives it touches, can help one make the decision to avoid heroin at all costs. That is exactly what the information presented here achieves--readers will come away shaken, with a new and stark understanding of heroin's true toxicity and its utterly false and destructive allure.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Inhalants - G. S. (Scott) Prentzas
    Call Number: 616.86 PRE
    ISBN: 1477718931
    Publication Date: 2013-12-15
    Many young people think inhalants cause no harm because they are everyday items bought by parents, sold in stores, and even advertised on television. The chemicals in the inhalant vapors, however, are poisons. They can change the way the brain works and harm other parts of the body. New users are typically between the ages of twelve and fifteen. This plain-speaking narrative explains the harmful effects of chemicals on a teen's body and mind. Steps for helping a person who is in a state of crisis are described, as well as detoxification, rehabilitation, and methods for avoiding relapse.

    Cover Art
    Inhalants - Christine Petersen
    Call Number: 616.86 PET
    ISBN: 9781608708246
    Publication Date: 2013-07-15
    It is estimated that more than 2.1 million American teens have abused inhalants. Though inhalants cause unconsciousness, loss of sensation, brain damage, and even death, American's youth continue to abuse these chemicals. In Inhalants, discover these killer chemicals, how they work, the damage they cause, and the consequences of using them.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Lsd and Hallucinogens - Corona Brezina
    Call Number: 613.83 BRE
    ISBN: 1477719016
    Publication Date: 2013-12-15
    LSD has had a colorful history, to say the least. First developed for medical purposes, it was soon adopted by mental health therapists and spiritual seekers. Experimented with by both the military and the CIA, the drug was eventually adopted by hippies seeking to "turn on, tune in, and drop out." LSD and other hallucinogens have since become a staple of party and club culture. This colorful history, however, belies the very real dangers and destructiveness of drugs that lure many teens into drug abuse, mental illness, physical peril, and dangerous interference with normal brain chemistry. Readers will be confronted with the cold hard facts about these drugs and the devastation they wreak, rather than the sunny pop culture fantasy so often associated with hallucinogens.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Marijuana - Frederick C. Gross; Reeve Chace
    Call Number: 613.83
    ISBN: 1448846390
    Publication Date: 2011-08-01
    Results of the 2009 Monitoring the Future survey showed 20.6 percent of high school seniors had smoked marijuana in the past month, 32.8 percent had smoked it in the past year, and 42 percent had smoked it in their lifetime. Teens learn here that marijuana use can have serious consequences, including loss of short-term memory and negative effects on mental development. Besides describing the effects of marijuana, this volume also provides information about drug testing, dependence and withdrawal, and finding help for treatment.

    Cover Art
    Marijuana - Daniel Benjamin
    Call Number: 613.8 BEN
    ISBN: 9781608708253
    Publication Date: 2013-07-15
    The World Health Organization ranks the United States first in marijuana use. Though the use of this illegal drug can cause detrimental behavioral, mental, and physical side effects, an estimated 28 million Americans still smoke it. In Dangerous Drugs, Marijuana, get the inside scoop on this drug, why it is readily available, and the hazards of smoking it.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Methamphetamine and Crystal Meth - Lara Norquist; Frank Spalding
    Call Number: 362.29 NOR
    ISBN: 1448846412
    Publication Date: 2011-08-01
    Meth is affecting people of all ages, income levels, and backgrounds. A scourge of the heartland that spreads its noxious tentacles into every American village, town, suburb, and city, meth can and does kill. Meth-related crime costs the nation billions of dollars a year, and meth-related health care and rehabilitation costs are well above $500 million annually. Even the environment is negatively impacted by the toxic waste created by the meth production process. This book exposes the dangers of both production and consumption of meth, highlights the grotesque side-effects of meth use, explains how addiction develops, and outlines the steps to break addiction. Includes sidebars such as 10 Great Questions to Ask a Drug Counselor and Myths & Facts About Meth that allow for fast, clear-cut and essential answers and solutions.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Oxycodone and Other Narcotics - Kristi Lew
    Call Number: 615.78 LEW
    ISBN: 147771894X
    Publication Date: 2013-12-15
    The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that prescription painkillers are one of the most commonly abused drugs by teens, after tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana. Readers get the facts about narcotics, including opioids and opiates, the class of chemicals that includes oxycodone. The misuse of narcotic painkillers has more than tripled since 2001, according to the CDC. This frank narrative explains how opioid painkillers work on the body and brain, how to spot the symptoms of abuse and overdose, and how to fight addiction. Detoxification and rehabilitation programs and what it takes to recover are also examined.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Pcp - Christine Poolos
    Call Number: 362.29 POO
    ISBN: 9781477718995
    Publication Date: 2013-12-15
    PCP is an illegal hallucinogen that can cause psychotic episodes. It is manufactured by street gangs and distributed around the country. Users can never be sure what they're getting when they buy it. Now sold in many forms, including a convenient and cheap cigarette, PCP is a drug whose use is on the increase. It is easy to find in cities, and it is spreading to suburbs and smaller communities. Use of the drug can result in extreme violence, danger, and severe mental problems. PCP has been linked to some horrifying acts of violence, including murder and cannibalism. Once thought to be a drug of the past, PCP is back and luring a new generation of teens toward destruction. This book exposes the unfathomable lows that a PCP high actually offers--seizures, organ failure, coma, paranoia, mood swings, psychotic breaks, extreme violence, and death. Readers will come away with the certain knowledge that PCP offers anything but a high time.

    Cover Art
    Pcp - Hal Marcovitz
    Call Number: 616.86 MAR
    ISBN: 1590184203
    Publication Date: 2005-09-09
    Examines the increased use and abuse of PCPs since the 1950s, the physical effects on the body and on society as a whole, treatments, and extensive efforts on the part of the government to halt their distribution.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Prescription Drugs - Basia Leonard; Jeremy Roberts
    Call Number: 362.29 LEO
    ISBN: 1448846420
    Publication Date: 2011-08-01
    Prescription drugs are among the substances most often abused by teens, after tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana. Abusing prescription drugs, such as painkillers, depressants, and stimulants, can have severe short-term side effects as well as long-term health consequences. It can also result in dependence or addiction. This book raises awareness of the dangers of misusing prescription drugs. Personal stories are shared through sidebars and a substantial resource section complements the reading experience.

    Cover Art
    Steroids - Daniel Benjamin
    Call Number: 362.29 BEN
    ISBN: 9781608708260
    Publication Date: 2012-09-01
    Every year more and more high school students play sports. Today, more than 7 million teens are involved in high school athletics. With that comes the desire to be the strongest or the fastest, and to use anabolic steroids to get there. In Steroids, discover what they are and their damaging effects on the body.

    Cover Art
    The Truth about Steroids - Larry Gerber
    Call Number: 572.57 GER
    ISBN: 9781477718957
    Publication Date: 2013-12-15
    The National Institute on Drug Abuse has estimated that half a million American teenagers use steroids--325,000 boys and 175,000 girls. In this absorbing volume, readers get the facts about performance-enhancing drugs and their physical and mental effects. The early use of Dianabol in weightlifting and the spread of steroids in athletics, and players who have been affected by steroids, including Lyle Alzado, Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Mark McGwire, and Jose Canseco, are covered. Other important topics include how steroid testing works, black market steroids and unsanitary manufacturing conditions, and depression and severe mood swings during withdrawal.

    Cover Art
    Crystal Meth - Jeff Burlingame
    Call Number: 616.86 BUR
    ISBN: 9781608708239
    Publication Date: 2013-07-15
    Rock. Crank. Ice. These are just a a few nicknames given to the highly addictive and dangerous drug crystal meth. Today, almost half a million people in the United States are addicted to it. In Crystal Meth, explore the addictive nature, harmful effects and consequence of using this drug.

    Cover Art
    Synthetic Drugs - G. Gale (Editor); Mary E. Williams
    Call Number: 369.29 WIL
    ISBN: 9780737769296
    Publication Date: 2014-05-20
    This title explores many aspects of synthetic drugs, including whether synthetic drug abuse is a serious problem, what the best way to prevent synthetic drug abuse is, and whether some synthetic drugs should be used therapeutically.; In addition to pro/con articles, each Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints volume includes appealing features designed to help students understand the complexities of current issues: Full-color photographs, charts, graphs, and cartoons supplements.

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